Recreational & Fitness Activities

There are a host of activities you can get up to in Barcelona and its environs. A movie walking tour, or a game of Cops and Robbers can be the most enjoyable way to explore the city. Explore the stunning scenery by walking, kayaking or flying! Or go see the mighty FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou!

You can combine exploring the city with exploring the cuisine, with a cheese tasting tour of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, or a city tapas tour.

You can explore the city with a scooter tour, or explore the stunning scenery of the whole area in a helicopter, or even private plane tour.
More intrepid souls can go potholing, kayaking or use the stunning architecture as a venue for bridge jumping or bungee jumping.
A movie walking tour exploring iconic locations is a great way to explore Barcelona and Spanish cinema. A game of Cops and Robbers can be the most fun way to explore the city, for all ages.

You may also be aware that Barcelona plays host to one of the greatest football teams in the world…If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, take in a match at the cauldron of the Camp Nou - home stadium of the mighty FC Barcelona - where some of the world’s most celebrated footballers ply their trade. If not, you can always go on a day tour of the iconic stadium, and walk in the footsteps of legendary players, while learning about the club’s fascinating history.